for companies, individuals and community figures who believe in us.

If you are interested - becoming a sponsor or providing a monetary donation,
please contact Stephanie Waite at stephanie.waite@racine.k12.wi.us or 262-619-4477.

We would appreciate anything you are willing to donate!

Here is what we would really appreciate in order for us to get our garden going:

  • Top Soil
  • Worms
  • Garden Tools
  • Peoples' time/volunteers to work in the garden over the summer
  • coffee grounds - from coffee shops
  • raw fruit and vegetable scraps for composting - from restaurants and PARK Kitchen
  • pitch fork
  • composted manure - from farmers
  • hoses
  • wheelbarrows
  • 6 wood pallets/skids for composting bin
  • wood chips
  • Anything you think we would need!


Midwest School Garden Grant from the National Gardening Association - $1,000 Grant

Menards (Durand, west of Hwy 31)

Vaas and Sons Excavating - 5 yards of top soil

CDS Popcorn Fund - $400