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Washington Park High School
1901 12th Street
Racine, WI 53406

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Picture this...

Unused tennis courts built atop a dirt-filled swimming pool in the heart of an urban city, surrounded by a chain-link fence. Two-inch deep cracks, surface paint sloughing in chunks, and no nets - an abandoned area with endless possibilities.

One possibility? An urban garden. This garden is one of the various projects our Healthly Initiatives Program at Park High School is jumping into head-first. The goal is to provide access to healthy foods for Washington Park High School and its community.

Parts one and two are completed. The underlying support layer of wood chips, check. Martha Stewart-style mounds of soil in plantable rows, check. All fitting within the area of one tennis court. We are starting small, but thinking big.

We are ready to plant. We are ready to experiment with our garden of possibilities.

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